Having your windows tinted is a necessity. Especially during a hot Austin summer day, it reduces the heat inside your car and blocks almost 99% of harmful UV rays. 

Summer means school is over, and your car should be ready for road trips with the family. Most only worry about servicing the car so that it will get you from point A to B. But have you thought about the experience of the car ride itself? About your protection and comfort?.

That is where window tints come in. From blocking harmful UV rays to protecting you from car theft by keeping your valuables out of sight, the list of benefits goes on. Having these installed will be one of the best investments you can provide to your car.

Before heading to a mechanic, know that there are different types of window tinting in Austin. It will vary based on your car, your budget, and what you prefer. Here are some of the best types of window tinting in Austin to consider:

Dyed Window Tint

Dyed window tint is the most affordable on this list, but it serves its purpose. The dyed window can effectively block harmful UV rays and gives you a darker car window that keeps your valuables out of sight. The tint has a dye layer between the adhesive layer and the polyester protective top coating. The sticky side sticks to the glass, while the topcoat shields your window from scratches.

Due to extensive UV exposure, the color fades with time, converting the film from black to purple. By storing your vehicle in a garage or away from direct sunlight, you can slow down the fading process.

Metalized Window Tint

The same as dyed film, this metalized film reduces the temperature inside your car by reflecting the heat away. Metallic particles are embedded in the substance, making it a thicker film. 

The film is made up of an adhesive base layer that sticks to your car window, as well as a UV-treated layer and a metalized layer that reflects heat and darkens the glass. A final topcoat serves as a barrier against scratches and nicks. 

It gives you a shiny look from the outside as it protects you from the blazing heat. However, because it is metallic, it tends to interfere with cell phone signals and GPS.

Hybrid Window TInt

It combines Dye and Metalized window tint, providing all the advantages and eliminating the negatives. A dyed and metalized layer and a protective topcoat are then mixed into the film. A laminating adhesive is used to join the film together. 

The hybrid film can block a lot of light thanks to its dyed layer, while its metallic components give it a crisp, dark appearance.

Carbon Window Tint

If you want to combine aesthetics and functionality, this is for you. Giving a matte finish look from the outside while protecting your car’s upholstery from UV damage. Made of hundreds of polymer layers, it is most effective in protecting your leather seats from damaging infrared light.

The interior is also kept cool by carbon layers. During the summer, you won’t have to run your air conditioner full blast, and in the winter, you won’t have to turn up the heat.

Ceramic Window Tint

Finally, if you want the best in class – ceramic gives you the highest quality amongst any other window tint films. Although it is the most expensive, it is well worth it. The film is made of ceramic particles that reduce infrared lights that go through your window.

Ceramic film is a newer alternative on the market, but it has already shown itself in performance and dependability. It outperforms the other varieties in terms of glare and fading resistance and makes windows extremely shatter-proof. 

Ceramic window-tinting film is also highly effective at preventing ultraviolet light from entering the interior, blocking 99% of the rays from entering the interior.

Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose from this list of the best window tinting in Austin. However, make sure to have it installed by a tried and trusted car detailer that understands the tint laws in your state. #windowtint #austindetailer #ceramictint

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