Locally owned and operated; we are your Greater Austin Restoration and Auto Preservation Experts.

Enhance your car’s finish. Therefore restoring and protecting your vehicle long into the future!


We at Royal Auto Finishes are dedicated to restoring and protecting your car’s finish on a permanent basis. In other words, our highly motivated and professionally trained team uses modern technology to give your car a shiny and glossy, “like new” finish.

Royal Auto Finishes is home to Austin’s only RestorFX  license.  We use advanced systems to repair, protect, and maintain the exterior of your vehicle.  As a result,  we help to hold and increase your car’s value.

RestorFX is a unique system that permanently restores automotive paint finishes through a disruptive technology. Read more about RestorFX and our service.

Ceramic Coating
Headlight Restoration


Austin owned ROYAL AUTO FINISHES has a reputation for providing innovative products and services at the highest level of automotive refinishing.