Austin Ceramic coatings:
Protect your cars surface

Owners Pride utilizes new silica technology to seal, strengthen and protect your vehicles finishes. 

Ceramic coating for your car will increase the hardness of your paintwork, adds depth gloss and slickness. All of our ceramic coating installations are reported to CarFax and backed by the most comprehensive nationwide 7 year warranty that is fully transferable to a subsequent owner. 

Our OP ceramic is applied after thorough inspection and preparation of the surfaces. Application includes all painted areas, headlights, taillights, chrome, plastic moldings and wheel faces. 

Ceramic coating in the curing process

Ceramic/Nano Coatings - Packages

Ceramic coated BMW X5

3 years 

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2022 Model Y with ceramic coating and ceramic tint

7 years 

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2022 BMW 238i | 7 year ceramic coating

1 Year

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What's Included 

To ensure the proper installation and longevity of the ceramic coating prep work to the paint is necessary. Our preparation process includes the following: hand wash/dry, decontamination/iron removal, clay bar, 1 step polish(paint enhancement) and alcohol wipe. 

All packages include installation of ceramic coating on all painted surfaces, headlights, taillights, chrome, trim and wheel faces.

Additional Ceramic Coating Services

Wheels (Face Only)


OP Interior ceramic up to 7 year warranty 




Glass (Windshield)



OP ceramic, strengthen and protect your vehicles paint, chrome, trim, glass, interior leathers and wheels. 

Allowing your vehicle to stay in great condition for years to come.

Intense Visual Clarity

Once cured, the OP System leaves your vehicle superhydrophobic and scratch-resistant with an intensely clear deep gloss finish that lasts for years.

Extreme Hardness

The cross-linked framework of crystallized particle microns decrease space between porous cavities, making the surface much stronger than without ceramic coating. This surface strength means less scratching.


These days automotive paint lacks quality and is susceptible to being damaged very easily. Owners Pride is an American company focusing on the development of innovative and disruptive nanotechnology products, redefining the coatings industry.


Protect your car, protect your investment. 

Owners Pride have a wide range of benefits for your vehicle, both on the interior and exterior. 

Ceramic coating makes maintaining your vehicle easy. Ceramic Coatings improves your car or truck’s look and value. Owners Pride is the only company that offers legally compliant warranty up to 7 years.

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ceramic paint coating austin

TOP line of products allows you to confidently enjoy a coffee during your morning commute.

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Protect your vehicle’s exterior with OP ceramic from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, light wear and tear. Keep your vehicle looking super glossy for as long as possible.

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Interior Surfaces 

The best way to protect your interior surfaces like your seats and console is OP Interior. Up to 7 year warranty against food stains, fading, rips and even tears. 

Ceramic coated wheels


As a result of using OP Wheels repelling brake dust and debris, your wheels will be cleaner in-between washes.

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