Spilled drinks and that tiny bit of trash you forgot to pick up yesterday can accumulate over time, turning your car into a hot mess. Some of us spend a lot of our time inside our vehicles; it’s our home away from home. It’s our extra closet, our office extension, and sometimes it acts as our entertainment center.

Many things can happen in your car. As a responsible car owner, you want the inside of your car to look and smell fresh. So you take it to an interior detailing professional regularly, which is excellent! But how about those days between your visit to a detailer? 

Follow these simple tips on how to keep your car clean before and after you go to a detailing service. 

Do Not Collect Trash

Yes, it may seem pretty obvious but let’s be honest, there will be times when we neglect to pick up those candy wrappers, paper cups, and dirty tissues because we are in a hurry. Another year of trash-filled car interiors is upon you. You’ve just squandered your efforts to clean your car last weekend by resuming the practice of collecting trash. 

The easiest way is to refrain from this habit. So, if you see rubbish, grab it straight away, place it in a plastic bag, and carry it with you when you exit the car.

Better yet, buy those little trash bins designed for cars and place them close to you or wherever you can see them easily. Instead of leaving garbage on the passenger seat or in the cup holders, put it immediately in the trash can when you’re done.

Vacuum When Necessary

Notice those tiny pollen particles floating? It’s a sign that you need to vacuum your car now. This is dust that has been accumulating inside your vehicle, signifying that your car is dirty.

Suppose you don’t have time to vacuum; start by dusting off your rags. It’s as easy as removing your floor mats and cleaning them outside your vehicle. You can do this either before leaving the house or after you arrive home at night.

Keep Your Seats Clean

If you have children or pets, your car seats will likely have stains, dirt, and crumbs in the cushion seams. For minor stains on vinyl or leather, use an old toothbrush to get everything out of the gaps and a magic eraser for stains or sticky things. 

To swiftly clean up the accidental mess in the car, have napkins or a few paper towels in the car. But remember, the longer you leave it, the more work you’ll have to do to clean it up.

Wipe The Surfaces

Pre-moistened auto wipes should be kept in the glove compartment to quickly wipe down the dashboard, glove compartment, steering wheel, and anything else in between. This will remove the dirt from your fingertips as well as any dust that has accumulated.

Being proactive can spare you from having to clean up the car after the dust has accumulated. Cleaning the dashboard and other components of your car’s interior daily will go a long way toward keeping it clean.

Follow the “Grab Everything” Rule

It’s pretty straightforward: whatever goes in must come out again. It’s easy to leave things in the car (toys, sweaters, that thing a friend let you borrow that you keep forgetting to bring in the house.) 

However, if you take the time to bring everything back inside when you eventually decide to clean, you won’t have a mound of items to bring. Remember to take in whatever you took with you on that particular day, and don’t forget to search beneath your chairs!

This rule applies to passengers as well!

Organize Your Things

Invest in a backseat organizer. The back seat organizer keeps your car clean and prevents odd items from being strewn around the back seat. 

To avoid the unnecessary accumulation of items in the car, remind yourself to put everything in its correct place. This way, they won’t end up dispersed over the rear seat floor, perhaps causing stains on the floor or, worse, on your car seats.

These tips will help you to keep your car clean! Even once you’ve established these regular routines, remember to have your vehicle professionally detailed. You cannot remove stains on your seats and smelly odors at home; leave this up to the professionals and look for an interior detailing service near you.

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