Are you ready to sell your car? Whether you’re looking to trade-in for a newer model or wanting to make some additional money, if you’ve kept your vehicle in good shape, you should be able to resell it for a reasonable price. Aside from mechanical maintenance, car detailing Austin increases the value of your vehicle.

There is no question that adequately maintained vehicles get a higher price than those that have only had the mechanical maintenance to keep it running.

Potential buyers will quickly know that you maintained your car regularly, just from the outside appearance. They will know you have taken care of the vehicle and have spent the extra money to get it professionally detailed. 

This will help potential buyers feel more assured about purchasing your car.

But what is detailing precisely, and why is it more expensive than a regular car wash?

Car detailing is a service that goes above and beyond what most customers expect. A car wash is like putting your car in a manufacturing line where your wheels are clamped, and your paint is battered with brushes that have cleaned every other car.

A car suffers more damage during a car wash than people realize.

The paint, glass, wheels, seats, carpets, and dashboard are all completed with a protectant during professional detailing. Paint-staining substances like tree sap, bug splatter, and bird droppings, as well as paint scrapes and interior spills, are all protected by the coating applied.

What are the factors that affect the value of my car?

  1. Bad Smell (especially if you are smoking inside)
  2. Car’s paint job
  3. Exterior damage
  4. Car’s age
  5. Improper maintenance
  6. Faded window tint
  7. Bumper stickers
  8. Worn out seats

Why Do I Need To Have My Car Detailed?

As you can see, you can avoid most of the factors listed above if you get your car maintained regularly. Interior and exterior car detailing plays a massive part in your vehicle’s resale value; here are some significant reasons why:

Keeps Your Interior Fresh

As important as any other part of your car, your upholstery, seats, dashboard, and other features can be damaged and deteriorate if not maintained regularly. You don’t want a vehicle that has a shiny and smooth exterior, but inside there are holes in the seats and cracks in the dashboard. 

Easier to Maintain

The simplicity of maintenance and the hydrophobic effect (water-repellant) generated when professionally coated are two more reasons car detailing is worthwhile. This means there’s a coating on the car’s exterior that naturally repels dirt and moisture, which means there’s a lot less dirt on your car during the wash and when it rains.

This coating makes cleaning your car much easier and faster, and it also means that your vehicle will be better equipped to repel dirt and water during everyday use.

Protecting Your Investment

Finally, the most crucial reason why a car detailing service increases the value of your car is that it dramatically protects your vehicle. Depending on which kind of coating you choose, exterior detailing can protect your vehicle from harsh contaminants and damaging UV rays.

Without proper maintenance, your car’s paint job will fade and accumulate cracks over time. Harsh weather conditions can also damage your car aside from bird splatters, tree sap, and other contaminants. 

Regular exterior detailing can help to maintain and prolong the life of your topcoat. Ceramic coating, for example, acts as a shield and allows your car’s paint job to withstand whatever you throw at it. Furthermore, detailing your car will reduce the amount of dirt and grime that collects on its surface.

Final Words

Visiting a professionally accredited car detailing service allows you to keep your vehicle looking brand new. Take advantage of their knowledge, high-grade detailing products, and services that will guarantee quality protection to your car. 

While washing your car in your garage can be therapeutic for some and will save you a couple of dollars, it’s always best to have it detailed regularly by a professional if you plan to sell it in the future. 

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