Believe it or not, there are proper ways to clean your newly tinted windows. After your car’s auto tinting in Austin installation, another phase starts. Like with the ceramic coating and waxing process, the film and the glass need to cure.

It may be an additional cost, but the rewards and benefits afterward will make it worthwhile. If you want the tinting to last, ensure you properly preserve the quality and look with the right aftercare. There are steps and products made especially for window tint that you can use to achieve this.

Rest assured that our team at Royal Auto Finishes will install an industry-grade quality tinted window film seamlessly and adequately. However, while the film is in the process of curing, it is vulnerable to damages. 

Before we discuss your window tint aftercare tips, here are the most important things to remember if you just got your car out of the detailing shop:

  1. Skip the carwash. Because the tinted window film is placed inside the automobile, it will not be damaged if you drive through dirt or mud. However, cleaning those windows afterward may add moisture to delay the drying process; wait until the tint is dry before doing so.
  1. Do not roll down your windows: The adhesives that hold the film in place take time to dry, and until they do, friction from rolling down the window might scrape the film off the glass. Allow at least two to four days for them to be rolled up.
  1. After 48 hours, once the window tint has finished its curing process, wipe it down with a cleaner (non-ammonia) or with a cleaner recommended by your detailer for best results.
  1. Window tint bubbles are far more likely to be produced by moisture following an installation, but they should disappear within a few days as the tint dries. The length of time bubbles linger in window tint varies depending on the environment, so plan on at least four days.

These reminders might be obvious, but most car owners often forget about them, so be mindful and patient with your windows!

Now, the aftercare. These tips will include cleaning and preserving the quality of your tint. Follow these tips to keep your investment looking good and to avoid damage:

The Proper Way of Cleaning

Use The Right Cleaner – As mentioned above, do not use ammonia-based cleaners. This will only damage your newly tinted windows because of the chemicals formulated in them. It will deteriorate the film. Thus, ask your car detailer for their recommended cleaner.

Apply The Two-Towel Method – Same as taking care of your car’s coating. You need two buckets, one for washing and the other for rinsing. The first bucket is filled with the cleaning solution you bought, and the rinse bucket is just water. 

Wipe The Exterior in an Opposite Direction – Give the outside of the window a horizontal wipe and the window’s interior a vertical wipe before switching to the second microfiber towel to finish wiping clean the window. 

This allows you to detect a smudge or missed spot rapidly and determine whether it is outside or inside the glass based on whether it is horizontal (outside) or vertical (inside).

Tinted Window Maintenance

Whichever type of tint you installed, either ceramic or dye, there are methods to how you can maintain the look of your newly tinted windows and avoid deterioration.

  • Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners
  • Clean all bug splatters, bird droppings, and any foreign substances immediately
  • Do not use paper towels, brushes, and washcloths made of cotton
  • Avoid flinging your seat belt off since this can damage the film or possibly chip the glass. 

While tints do not require much maintenance, it is still essential to be cautious, mainly because your car windows are covered with a thin film. By following these tips, your investment will last longer, and you will avoid potential issues in the future.

Before heading home after your auto tinting installation, make sure to ask your professional car detailer for other aftercare tips and the products you should use for better results.

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