Ceramic car coating has grown in popularity and traction in the detailing industry over the last few years, with new products being launched regularly. This is due to the high demand from car owners to have a product that eliminates environmental hazards without going to a detailer every two or three months.

It’s not a secret that you would like to preserve the look of your car as if it was released from a dealer yesterday. So you thoroughly wash it regularly and apply a new coat of wax every several months. 

But despite your efforts, swirl marks, chips, and stains begin to appear on the exterior of your vehicle. Not only that, but the day after you give your car a good wash, watermarks, dirt, and grime begin to cling to it.

This is where ceramic car coating comes in. Let’s dive into the basics first, and we will list down the benefits of having a ceramic coating for your car. 

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid chemical polymer solution applied by hand to the exterior of your car. It protects your car from dirt, grimes, and even scratches. Once applied, it bonds to your car’s paint and makes it more hydrophobic (water-repelling).

Most ceramic coating products usually are quartz or resin-based and use nanotechnology to spread thinly across your car’s surface and fill in all of the paint’s tiny pores. Its liquid form quickly evaporates, leaving a smooth outer layer.

Ceramic Coating vs. Wax

To put it simply, ceramic coating and wax serve the same purpose. It protects your car from dirt and other environmental hazards. However, because of its technology, the ceramic coating provides better protection and longevity. 

Due to its nano-coating capability, the chemicals bond to your exterior paint, producing a harder, more durable coating. 

Top Benefits of Ceramic Coating


You don’t have to worry about restoring your car’s paintwork or re-applying a fresh new coat every few months. If installed properly by an auto detailer, it can last up from a year to three years (or more) under ideal conditions. Because ceramic coating lasts longer than hybrid wax, it comes at a higher price. 

Meanwhile, waxes provide a thin layer of protection that is usually less durable and peels off fast, lasting anywhere from two weeks to two months.


In comparison to other paint protection methods, ceramic coating is the most cost-effective. While the initial costs may be higher, it will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to spend as much on wax, vehicle washes, and other exterior maintenance services.

Depending on the sort of ceramic coating you get, it is essentially a permanent solution, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it year after year!

Reduces UV Rays and Oxidation

Paint fades if your car is frequently exposed to the sun. It’s because of the sun’s UV radiation, which causes the car’s paint to oxidize. Ceramic Coating shields a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s UV radiation, decreasing oxidation.

The Best Protection You Can Get

A nano-coating is a protective surface applied to the car’s body that can block all foreign particles and prevent damage to the vehicle. On any given day, a car’s body is subjected to a range of potential harms, from minor scratches to mud, grime, and other impurities that are an unavoidable part of driving. 

The nano-coating ensures that the car’s original coating is wrapped in a protective layer that can resist a significant amount of damage without causing any harm to the vehicle’s body.


When you hear ceramic coating, you always hear the term “hydrophobic.” It means that it’s water repellent. However, contrary to popular belief, this feature doesn’t make it “self-cleaning.” This only makes the top layer extremely slippery – considerably better than regular vehicle wax. 

Water, dust, grime, tree sap, and other debris glide off with minimal effort due to the hydrophobic effect. So when you wash your car for dirt and other contaminants, it’s easier to clean.

Looks Better

As a car enthusiast, you want to have a product that provides excellent protection and a better appearance at the same time. Thanks to ceramic coating, you can now have both!. The nano-coating provides better shine and will look as if it’s freshly painted because of the glossy look it gives. 

If installed by a professional auto detailer, ceramic car coating can last longer than three years. It provides the best protection and preserves your car’s look for longer. Eliminate potential issues on your paint job and get a ceramic coating installed now. #carcoatingnearme #ceramiccarcoating #royalautofinishes #carowners #nanocoating

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