We’ve all experienced the finance department at a dealership trying to sell you all kinds of warranties, paint protection, window tinting and a bunch of other stuff.

We’ve all been there. You buy your new car and want to protect it with the best paint protection available, but you don’t know where to start.

The dealership offers an option that sounds good at first, so you go for it. But after a few months of driving your vehicle, you notice some serious damage on the front end or side panels that weren’t there before.

Chances are little time and effort was spent to apply basic paint protection and now your brand new car is starting to look older and doesn’t have that high gloss and shine.

This happens way too often because dealerships are not in the auto preservation/styling business – it’s not their area of expertise.

They’re just trying to make money off of unsuspecting customers who don’t know any better by offering them sub-par products at inflated prices.

Don’t let this happen to you! Royal Auto Finishes has years of experience in automotive refinishing and we have tested a LOT of different coatings to find out which ones work best for your car’s paint.

Our staff will work closely with each customer until we find exactly what they need for their specific situation so they can enjoy peace of mind knowing their investment is protected properly from day one!

Car dealers are not in the auto preservation/styling business. It’s not their area of expertise. Our advice is to stay away!


Car dealerships simply don’t have the talent to properly apply ceramic coatings to protect the paint on your car , truck, or SUV. Not only that, but they’re also not equipped to take care of minor paint scratches and swirls! The people who work at the dealership aren’t trained in automotive refinishing and therefore cannot accurately diagnose your car’s issues like we can.

Paint correction and ceramic coating application is a skill that’s developed with proper training and experience, not something you learn overnight!

That’s why we’ve seen countless customers come to us for paint correction and ceramic coating application after their dealer “tried” to take care of the scratches, swirls, and/or oxidation on their cars.

We have been working with local car dealerships for years and know the ins and outs of their operation. Oftentimes the dealerships end up calling us when they run into issues trying to correct the paint themselves.

Dealership Business Model

The car dealers are in the business of selling and servicing cars. They are not in the business of preserving or styling and that is the main reason you should never consider buying anything else other than the car itself from them.

Dealerships often sell the cheapest paint sealants available which are designed to be extremely easy to apply but offer minimal protection. This is why they’re used by almost every dealer.

They don’t have the time to correctly prepare the painted surface for ceramic coating application and just slap it on and send it off.

Their goal is to sell as many cars as possible, but with the recent inventory issues car dealers realized the potential of aftermarket upgrades like ceramic coatings, PPF(paint protection film) and window tint. So they are trying to capitalize on these services and make as much money as possible. But the quality they provide is simply subpar. 

We’ve seen this many times and we can clearly see the differences between proper and improper application.

Dealerships just want to sell you a cheap product at top dollar. They’re not interested in your vehicle’s long-term quality or value.

Ask a lot of question before you buy ceramic paint protection from a dealer

What is the brand of ceramic coating they are using?

Is it a well known brand? Don’t just say ok and trust your dealer, do a little bit of research online or even call some local professional car detailing shops near you to ask their opinion.

Ask them about the process

What are the steps of their process?

How do they do the prep work?

How is it applied? Is it a spray or a wipe on?

How long is it going to take for them to apply ceramic coating?

Professional ceramic coating installation usually takes anywhere between 8-16 hours of labor. If you are told it’s just a couple of hours, that is a huge RED FLAG!


Let me tell you a little secret that you should know!

When a dealership gets a shipment of brand new cars they preload every single car with their “paint protection” product no matter what.

And then try to sell you this paint protection for a ridiculous amount of money.

So our advice, don’t get fooled!

Car dealerships work with big corporations that provide those types of paint sealants that will last 6 months at best. For the same amount of money you can get a professional ceramic coating done and it will last for years and perform 10 times better!


If you’re getting paint protection from a dealer, you are not getting a quality product installed on your vehicle but rather an insurance policy that they will fix any damages you might have with their absurdly low warranty that is almost never valid.

Final words

If you have any questions about ceramic coatings, window tint or paint protection film feel free to reach out. We’d love to give you our honest opinion!

Eugene Schupak

Owner of Royal Auto Finishes


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