Ceramic coating Tesla Model 3

It’s no secret that luxury cars like Teslas require a lot of upkeep to maintain their brand new look. But despite the extra effort, it’s definitely worth it for those who can afford one. In this blog post, we’re going to outline some tips on how to keep your Tesla looking as good as new for years to come.

So if you’re someone who owns a Tesla or are thinking about buying one, make sure to read on!

Teslas are one of the most expensive cars to have, but their paint is actually really soft and thin. Tesla’s are made with luxury in mind but their paint job is lacking quality .

Ceramic coating and paint protection film/clear bra

A lot of customers have been coming to us for their paint protection film and ceramic coating because they want to keep their paint from getting any scratches.

If you don’t put a layer of high-quality paint protection on your Tesla then it’s going to get scratched up easily and that will cost you a small fortune.

Who does Tesla ceramic coating near me?

Here at Royal Auto Finishes  we are passionate car enthusiasts specializing in ceramic coatings for Tesla owners . It is a protective layer that goes deep into the clear coat, strengthens and seals vehicle’s paint surface which ensures that your car’s paint will:

  1. Stay cleaner longer.
  2. Prevents bird droppings damage.
  3. Reflect ultraviolet rays.
  4. Protect from harmful chemicals.
  5. Makes washing the car a breeze, saving you time and energy!

While we offer ceramic coating  for Tesla Model S, Y and Model 3 it can be applied to any type of vehicle as well as boats, motorcycles and even aircraft.

Based in Austin, TX, Royal Auto Finishes is proud to help you with your car detailing needs whether you are a Tesla owner or ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle owner we can help.

Black Tesla model 3 ceramic coating austin

Paint Protection Film vs Ceramic Coating. Which one is best?

PPF(paint protection film/clear bra) is a clear urethane plastic that is applied to the painted surfaces of a car protecting it from rock chips, scratches and anything that will physically impact the paint job.

When applied by highly trained installation experts its nearly invisible shield on vehicle’s paint surface

and will protect tesla paint from paint chips, door dings and minor accidents , keeping paint looking new and maintaining the value.

Ceramic coating vs paint protection film/PPF

The best paint protection film usually comes with a 10 year or lifetime warranty.

Tesla model S ceramic coating water beading

How much is PPF for Tesla?

PPF is fairly costly and the price will vary based on the areas you’d like to cover.

Full front bumper(most common area for rock chips to happen) -$500

Full front including hood, bumper, fenders and mirrors could cost anywhere $1500-$2300 depending on the film and shop you choose to work with.

If you’re interested to cover the entire vehicle with paint protection film be prepared to spend $6000-$9000

You can also opt in for paint protection film with matte finish, it offers all the same protection benefits but totally changes the look of Tesla model 3.

Tesla owners are well aware of the poor quality paint job and that is why paint protection film and ceramic coating is a great idea to keep  the paint in pristine condition for years to come.

If you hate seeing swirl marks in Tesla paint ,

paint protection film has self healing qualities which will repair any paint swirls when the car is simply exposed to sunlight. It’s AMAZING!

2022 Model Y with ceramic coating and ceramic tint

Nano Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a nano-technology that protects paint from UV rays, chemicals, acid rain and weather erosion. It’s a thin layer of protection that prevents from debris sticking, blocks damaging contaminants creating a hydrophobic surface.

Once applied, Tesla vehicles will be protected from common chemical stains. Ceramic coatings add gloss and shield Tesla paint from fading.

Ceramic coating is very durable and flexible, even after ceramic has been applied it can still expand and contract like original tesla paint does. Because ceramic coating bonds to the surface of your vehicle it makes it easy for next time you clay bar or want to give it just a wash.

How long does ceramic coating last on Tesla?

Ceramic coating provides paint protection and gloss that can last up to 7 years while paint protection film is measurably superior in protecting paint from all kinds of damage like rock chips and scratches and warrantied for 10 years or even a lifeitme!

How much to ceramic coat my Tesla model 3?

Professional ceramic coating is less expensive than paint protection film. On average it costs $600-$2000 for any Tesla model.

paint correction on Tesla model S prior to ceramic coating application

Both paint protection film and ceramic coating application require preparation process that is very labor intensive including:

clay bar entire car, disassemble certain parts,

paint correction to remove chemical stains, swirls etc.

What’s the best ceramic coating ?

Ceramic coating is of utmost importance since it lasts for years and Owners Pride ceramic coating provides the best ceramic protection.

The best ceramic coating is the one that is installed correctly by a qualified professional.

A poorly installed coating can lead to streaking, hazing, even permanent damage and will not provide the level of protection that you expect.

It’s important to focus more on choosing the right installer than on trying to find the perfect coating. A good installer will be able to assess your car’s paintwork and recommend the best coating for your needs, and they will also be able to apply it properly so that you get the most protection possible.

So before investing in a ceramic coating, make sure you do your research and find a reputable installer who has a lot of experience with this type of work.

There’s a lot of companies that offer ceramic coatings but we think you can’t go wrong choosing owners’ pride if your goal is to protect paint from all kinds of oxidation preventing uv damage  and keep your paint shiny, glossy, vibrant and flawless.

Owners pride is one of the best ceramic coatings in the car care industry and electric vehicle owners love it!

They offer both interior and exterior coatings with amazing hydrophobic properties.  

So whether you choose ceramic coating for Tesla or paint protection film or combination of both it’s well worth the investment!

happy customer picking up his ceramic coated Model Y

Warranty for ceramic coating

Our ceramic coat warranty is unmatched in the automotive industry that covers you from damage like acid rain, hard water spots, brake dust, oxidation and more.

Giving you peace of mind! Unlike any other company it is backed by a third party insurance company and will cover up to $5000 in damages.

The warranty is reported to CarFax as well, which adds value when the time comes to sell. You will be covered in the USA and Canada.

white Tesla model 3 in for ceramic coating and ceramic tint

Maintenance is key!

So ceramic coatings and PPF are great but you still need to maintain the vehicle properly to ensure you get the best results. There are some easy steps that will help keep ceramic coating good for a long time.

– Use distilled water when cleaning your ceramic coated vehicle – Avoid using harsh chemicals that can strip off the ceramic coating protection. Use only Ph neutral soap. We recommend Eco wash rinseless from Owners Pride.

car care for Tesla
  • Thoroughly dry ceramic coated surface to avoid water spotting.
  • Use specific drying microfiber towels and Ceramic+(drying agent) from OP.
  • Wash the vehicle every 2-3 weeks, do a clay bar treatment if necessary.
  • While it’s not a necessity, we recommend applying a Ceramic detailer every 6-12 months.
  • If you notice bird droppings or other debris on your vehicle, spray eco wash and let it dwell for a minute then rinse off or knock it off with a microfiber towel .
  • Do not use acid based wheel cleaners, they will strip the coating from your wheels.
  • Use Wheel OP Wheel Cleaner for brake dust removal on wheels.
  • For interior plastics do NOT use Armor All, go with a less greasy option.
  • Park the vehicle in the garage if possible.
  • If you have recently purchased a ppf film or had yours installed by us, please call or email us for specific instructions for proper maintenance of ceramic coating.

If you have ceramic coating on your vehicle and want it to last as long as the paint job, take these easy steps for ceramic coating maintenance!

ceramic coating for Tesla model 3
In case you’re looking for ceramic coating from a place with integrity, great service and experience, Royal Auto Finishes is your best choice !

Final words

If you have a Tesla or thinking about getting one, then it is worth investing in some protection for your investment. With many paint protection options you will not only save time, energy and money but also have more confidence that your car won’t be damaged by scratches or bird droppings. Click Get a Quote button to fill out the form on our website to get started today!

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