Royal Auto Finishes provides top notch interior and exterior detailing services in Austin, TX. Bring your vehicle to us so it can sparkle from the inside out.


Allow Royal Auto Finishes to tend to your car detailing needs.

Our thorough detailing system will take your vehicle back to it’s new car feel. We have hand selected the best products to clean, wipe down and shine up all of your interior and exterior finishes. We understand how important your car is to you and that’s why we are focused on providing the highest quality work that the greater Austin area has to offer. From vacuuming, dust and stain removal to fully sanitizing your finishes. Your vehicle will be spotless from front to back, top to bottom. We use premium microfiber towels and environmentally friendly products to clean, protect and maintain your vehicle’s finishes. You spend a lot of time in your car and this is a perfect place for bacteria to thrive especially in a Texas heat.

We can help you maintain both the exterior and interior of your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about it and can just enjoy your ride.

We value our customers and don’t want you to pay for something you don’t need. Please see our package options below, but keep in mind everything is customizable for 100% customer satisfaction.

Has your family, pet or busy life made the interior of your car a disaster? We’ve got your vehicle covered with our Interior Shine-Up package.

Your interior will be vacuumed and completely wiped down on all surfaces. Have a big stain from your spilled coffee? Add on a spot removal treatment from our Add-On Menu and you will be all set.

Did you park under a tree and now have bird droppings and sap on your vehicle. We’ve got you covered with our Exterior Shine-Up package.

Your exterior, including wheels will be hand washed and aired/toweled dry. We will then clay bar the exterior to decontaminate the surface and finish off with a 6 month sealant by IGL Coatings to keep your car looking its best for a while.

Is your car a mess from the inside, out? We have our Royal Treatment package to get your vehicle looking and feeling it’s best.

The Royal Treatment will combine the Interior and Exterior Shine-Up packages and also include the following: a deep steam treatment of all seats, carpets, cup holders and center console with our Chief Steam commercial steamer. If there are additional needs for your vehicle, such as scratch removal, rock chip touch up, etc., we have a full add-on menu that will address just about anything for your vehicle. Check out our menu options here.

Meeting your expectations and providing top notch customer service is our top priority. Please give us a call so we can discuss your vehicle’s needs and guide you on what options from our detail menu will best fit . Once we come up with the plan that meets your needs and budget we will schedule an appointment. You can either drop off your vehicle at our shop or we can pick up and drop off at a convenient location for you!

Our expert staff will make sure to pay attention to every detail and we’ll take care of your vehicle as if it was one of our own. Let us bring back that new car feel.


My truck and I had been discussing whether or not she needed a facelift, so when we heard of RestorFX we knew we had to give it a shot. Evgeny and Emily made the whole experience seamless from start to finish and we could not be happier with the results. I would recommend them to anyone looking to beautify and protect the exterior of their trusted steed.

Carlos de la Torre

Evgeny does some impressive work! My brand new car was damaged within the the first two weeks of me buying it and the clear coat/paint had gotten discolored, foggy, and rough in certain areas. After he was through with it, the damage was gone. His restoration exactly matched the factory coat! I can’t wait to get the ClearFX next week to really make it stand out.THANK YOU!!!

Lee Keating

I was recommended this place since the scratches all over my car were too deep for a buff and polish to fix. I wasn’t expecting much of a result since everyone kept telling me I’d need a repaint. I gave RestorFX a shot and I am so glad I did! The scratches on my car that many detailers said would not come out are gone! My car looks like it was repainted and is so shiny now! Thank you guys for a great job and saving me a lot of money!

Arika Rau

Super, super happy with the results! I didn’t think my headlights could be fixed, but I can see out them better than ever. My car looks brand new, it’s so great! Thank you so much again

Kala Jones

Overwhelming!! I seriously did not think this was possible. My dream car is more than 13 years old and had significant sun fading on the roof and hood. I kind of expected some improvement in those areas but not for them to resurrect the dead! I still DO NOT believe what I’m seeing. There is absolutely no trace of damage left on either. I say again! I DO NOT believe that they did not repaint it. The paint looks and feels new! Like glass! I cannot recommend this place enough. If you love your car, get this done. You will be blown away.

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