Ceramic/Nano Coatings – Owner's Pride 

1 year






7 year





3 year





What's Included 

To ensure the proper installation and longevity of the ceramic coating prep work to the paint is necessary. Our preparation process includes the following: hand wash/dry, decontamination/iron removal, clay bar, 1 step polish(paint enhancement) and alcohol wipe. 

All packages include installation of ceramic coating on all painted surfaces, headlights, taillights, chrome, trim and wheel faces.

Additional Ceramic Coating Services

Wheels (Face Only)


OP Interior ceramic up to 7 year warranty 




Glass (Windshield)


RestorFX  – Permanent Clear Coat Restoration







Pricing is for entire vehicle front to back. Pricing may vary based on vehicles condition and model. Panel work also available

Window Tinting Services

Windshield tint  80% VLT - $200

Window tint removal - $150 and up

Vintage Series


It is 2-ply, 1.5mil that utilizes newest generation of dyes that are Deep-Dyed into the polyester. This film will not fade over time and will up beautifully in our Texas climate while blocking 99% UVA and UVB rays. The Vintage series comes with a lifetime warranty!

FXtreme2-Nano Ceramic 


The FXtreme2 uses proprietary nano ceramic material that is specifically desinged to reject heat, up to 88% of IR and 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. This window film execls at keeping your vehicle cooler and reducing the damaging effects of the sun to the interior. Lifetime warranty!

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