What Is RestorFX? 

RestorFX is a professional restoration system that permanently brings the surface of a vehicle back to the durability and luster of its original paint finish.

Unlike polish, waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings, RestorFX has the ability to fix actual damage within the clear coat. RestorFX is cost effective, time efficient and delivers superior results to traditional detailing.

Does RestorFX need maintenance?

Just like any other clear coat the better you take care of it the better it will look over time.  We recommend hand washing rather than automatic car washes.  We also recommend applying a ceramic coating on top of RestorFX for easy maintenance and to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Why RestorFX?

It’s a more economical alternative to repainting and provides superior results to traditional detailing. Less risk of burning through the clear coat. The main benefit of RestorFX is restoring and building the thickness of clear coat back up.

How is RestorFX applied?

Your vehicle will be put through a very thorough preparation process, which will completely decontaminate your vehicle's paint, including multiple washes. Then a Chemical test is performed to assess the condition and vehicle’s surface characteristics. Next step is mechanical conditioning. After that final surface degrease and moisture removal, taping/masking trim pieces, chemical decontamination to ensure a permanent bond with clear coat. Once the preparation process is complete RestorFX is applied by hand by a certified technician.  RestorFX then permanently bonds to the clear coat and is self leveling, filling in all minor imperfections, leaving you with a perfect mirror-like finish.


How long does ceramic coating last?

We have a few options for you to choose from 2-4 year, 5 year and 7 year coatings with the best warranty that is backed up by a third party insurance company. Proper maintenance is also key to the coating lasting for its guaranteed time.

Is there a difference between certain brands?

Currently there are hundreds of  different brands on the market which a lot of them are just a private label company. We’d recommend choosing a well known brand and more importantly an installer with a good reputation. 

Should I detail my brand new car?

Absolutely! Even brand new cars need to be detailed. Those cars get transported a few times before they get to a dealership and sometimes sit outside exposed to the elements for months on end. Those elements such as rail dust, environmental fallout etc., embed deep in the pores of the clear coat and a simple wash is not enough to get rid of them.  Dealerships are in the business of selling and fixing cars and not so much in the preserving business, they simply don’t have the time and skills to properly detail every car that comes through. So we highly suggest taking your brand new vehicle to a professional detailer once you take delivery. We also offer a FREE inspection of your vehicle to make sure there are no defects in the paintwork.

I just bought a new car, where should I start? 

First of take your car to a professional detailer for new car prep detail,  then you can inquire about protection and maintenance options.

What is the best method to get rid of swirl marks?

Paint correction would be the best method to make the paintwork looking good again. It is a labor intensive process when a detailer is refining/leveling a layer of clear coat which requires a lot of skill to make sure that only a minimal amount of clear coat is removed. The more clear coat the car has the better protection is from elements and debris. If a vehicle has  a lot of wear and tear RestorFX might be a much better option to restore the original look of the paintwork without a costly repaint or multi stage paint correction. Unlike traditional polishing, RestorFX adds more material and permanently repairs the clear coat. Plus it's more cost effective.

My paint is peeling, what do I do?  

You need to call a body shop and repaint the vehicle. Unfortunately at this stage we won't be able to help. Our goal is to make sure we do everything we can to avoid this situation. 

Is my car a good candidate for ceramic coating?

In our opinion every car needs ceramic coating. As long as you don't take your car through a tunnel car wash(which will destroy the paintwork) your car will benefit from ceramic protection. 

Can I just install ceramic coating myself?

Yes of course there are plenty of good consumer based products out there that might last up to 2 years. Surface preparation is key when it comes down to installing a coating to insure longevity. You’ll want to make sure that the paint is super clean and at least gets polished. If you are not sure about how to do it there are plenty of Youtube videos available and you can always call us for any questions we’d be happy to help. Here are some of the brands that offer amazing consumer grade coatings Car pro, IGL coatings, Feynlab, Gtechniq

Ceramic coating vs wax vs sealants:

Waxes will only last about 1 to 2 months and wash off rather quickly.  Sealants can last up to 12 months.  Waxes and sealants are both topical. Meaning they just sit on top of the paint and will wear off rather quickly. Ceramic coatings have the ability to go into the pores of the paint and improve the hardness of the clearcoat.  Ceramic coatings are also chemical resistant and a single application can last up to 7 years. 

Do I still need to wash my car after ceramic coating is installed?

Yes.  Regular washes are key to the longevity of your coating.  We recommend hand washing your car every 2 to 4 weeks using a PH neutral soap.  Touchless washes are an ok alternative to handwashing, just keep in mind they use harsh chemicals that can wear out the coating.  Tunnel/automatic car washes are not recommended, the dirty brushes and water will wear out your coating and swirl/micro scratch your coating/clear coat.  

Trying to clean and maintain your car yourself or paying for low-quality workmanship can cause damage to your car and cost you thousands. 

Your car is worth the time, care and respect it deserves and so are you!

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