This hidden gem in the heart of Austin is a must-see for anyone interested in Texas history. The Bullock Texas State History Museum is a three-story, 300,000 square-foot museum that tells the story of Texas through interactive exhibits, films, and artifacts. The museum is named after its founder, John Bullock, who served as the secretary of state for Texas from 1991-1999. Mr. Bullock was passionate about Texas history and was instrumental in making the museum a reality. Information can be found here.

The museum opened its doors to the public in 2001 and has been visited by over three million people. The museum is divided into three floors, each with its theme. The first floor is dedicated to the history of Texas before it became a state. This includes the Native Americans who lived in Texas long before the Europeans arrived and the Spanish and French explorers who traversed the state in the 1500s and 1600s. See here for information about The Museum of the Weird in Austin is a Must-Visit for Everyone.

The second floor chronicles Texas’ journey to becoming a state, starting with establishing the first colony at San Antonio in 1718. This story is told through the eyes of the people who lived it, from the soldiers who fought for Texas’ independence from Mexico to the pioneers who settled the state.

The third floor is devoted to Texas’ history as a state. Starting with the election of Sam Houston as the first governor of the Republic of Texas, this floor chronicles the challenges and triumphs of Texas’ early years as a state. The museum also has a fourth-floor home to the Texas Spirit Theater. This 500-seat theater hosts various performances and events throughout the year, including educational programs for school groups.

In addition to the exhibits, the Bullock Texas State History Museum also has a museum store and a cafe. The store sells various Texas-themed items, including books, toys, and clothing. The cafe offers light fare, such as sandwiches, salads, and soups.

Whether you’re a lifelong Texan or a visitor to the state, the Bullock Texas State History Museum is a great place to learn about Lone Star State’s past.