About Us

We are about service, honesty, outstanding results through the use of professional top of the line products. 

Our Vision
To create a premier full-service automotive detailing shop where all Austinites feel confident and comfortable. Putting honesty, hard work, and innovative products/services at the forefront of everything we do. 

Our Mission
To make top-notch car care attainable to everyone in the Austin area by educating our customers on our services and providing industry-leading techniques and products. So our customers can lay back and enjoy their ride.

About evgeny and emily smiling together under a tree on their skydiving wedding day

I opened Royal Auto Finishes in May of 2017, with the support of my wife, Emily.

My dad introduced me to a very unique product called RestorFX. After seeing the results of a RestorFX treatment on a friend’s car he couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was. It got me thinking that I could potentially start my own business if I had something unique to offer. So I started my research and saw an opportunity right away. With the help of the RestorFX system I could build a high-end car detailing shop that offers services and products that push the limits of the car detailing industry.

I immigrated from Russia to Israel when I was 14. At age 18, I served for 3 years in the infantry of the military and then was chosen to become a member of one of Israel’s top five special forces units. My greatest take away from my time in the IDF was to always give 100% effort. I’ve taken that attribute and applied it to my business. Honesty and integrity is what we live by at Royal Auto Finishes. We compete against ourselves to constantly improve our skills and the end result. We push the limits of our industry to be the best we can be. Chasing perfection is our daily goal at the shop.

With the help of the RestorFX system and products from IGL Coatings we are able to provide our customers stunning results in a cost-effective way. Being the only RestorFX licensed center in the greater Austin area is an honor. We hope to get the chance to introduce you to our products and services.

I’m here to help when you are ready to make your car look amazing.

Dealer Partnerships

Land Rover and Jaguar of Austin Dealership
Lexus of Austin Dealership
Mercedes-Benz of Austin Dealership
Volvo of Austin Dealership