If you’re looking for a unique car museum to visit in Austin, look no further than the Rock & Roll Car Museum. This museum is dedicated to celebrating cars from rock and roll history. You’ll find classic cars from musicians like Elvis Presley and The Beatles and famous vehicles from movies like “Grease” and “Back to the Future.” If you’re a rock and roll fan or cars, this museum is worth checking out. Information can be found here.

The Rock & Roll Car Museum showcases a collection of over 200 vintage and classic cars. The museum is located in Austin, Texas, and is open to the public from Monday to Saturday. The museum also offers a variety of events and programs for car enthusiasts of all ages. The Rock & Roll Car Museum was founded in 2013 by Bob McFarland. McFarland is a passionate collector of vintage and classic cars. He has been collecting cars for over 30 years. The mission of the Rock & Roll Car Museum is to preserve and share the history of the automobile. The museum achieves this through its collection of over 200 vintage and classic cars and educational programs and events. See here for information about McKinney Falls State Park: A Beautiful Spot to Visit in Austin, TX.