If you’re in Austin, check out the Cathedral of Junk! The brainchild of artist Vince Hannemann, the cathedral was four stories high and contained over 60 tons of junk. Austin, TX can be seen here.

The Cathedral of Junk is located in Austin, TX, and is made entirely from junk. The owner, Vince Hannemann, has collected junk for over 20 years and turned it into a work of art. Hannemann gives tours of the cathedral by appointment only. He charges a small fee for the tour, but all proceeds go to charity. The cathedral is three stories tall and comprises everything from bicycles to Christmas lights. Hannemann estimates that there are over 60 tons of junk in the cathedral. If you’re ever in Austin, TX, check out the Cathedral of Junk. It’s an experience you won’t forget! If you’re looking for a truly unique experience while visiting Austin, TX, add the Cathedral of Junk to your list of must-see attractions. Click here to read about A Unique Car Museum in Austin: The Rock & Roll Car Museum.